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How To Seek Compensation For Injuries Suffered While Using A Tool On A Vessel

Were you injured while using a tool onboard a vessel, on the water or in dock? Some of the most common types of injuries among seamen and dockworkers include hand and arm injuries from the heavy vibrations of power tools used for repairs and maintenance onboard.

Even using hand tools like wrenches, hammers and screwdrivers take on an added dimension of danger for back injuries when used under adverse conditions.

Power winches and hand winches onboard are among the most dangerous tools. A fouled line can often only be cleared manually, leaving the seaman in a vulnerable position for tool, line and lifting injuries.

Fighting For What Is Fair

If you suffered an injury while using a power or hand tool aboard a vessel or on the docks, you are entitled to seek compensation for your injuries. Your vessel owner is required by law to provide medical treatment and maintenance and cure for the days of pay you lose during your recovery.

The Jones Act gives seamen, fishermen and longshoremen the legal protections to hold their employers responsible for full and fair compensation.

Maritime Law Requires Unique Knowledge

Maritime law is unlike any other type of land-based law. Don’t be fooled into thinking that a good personal injury lawyer will be able to successfully handle your claim. The procedures for legal motions and discovery of evidence are different, and the judge’s expectation for mediating a resolution is often a primary factor in resolving a claim satisfactorily.

Understanding the process requires years of experience and a capacity to take on the complex legal issues.

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