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Slip-and-Fall Injuries On A Vessel

Owners of commercial ships, tankers, fishing boats and other vessels on U.S. and international waters, harbor or inland waters are under strict requirements to maintain the safest working conditions possible on deck and on the docks. Seamen and water workers go to work in some of the most dangerous conditions possible, on slippery, overcrowded decks, moving beneath their feet with the strain of the weather, waves or current.

Slip-and-fall injuries onboard vessels are common. Just because a seaman falls and suffers an injury on the vessel doesn’t necessarily mean the shipowner can be sued for negligence, however. Sometimes, the conditions at sea make even the safest deck a dangerous work environment. For every type of injury, however, the vessel owner has a responsibility to provide medical care — on the vessel and in the hospital — as well as maintenance and cure to pay a stipend for the daily wages lost during medical recovery.

How Do You Know Whether You Have A Claim For Negligence?

It may not always be possible to determine whether your slip-and-fall injury while working onboard a vessel is necessarily a claim for negligence against the vessel owner. Talk to an experienced attorney at the Law Offices of Cavin and Marks, Jr. & Associates, about the circumstances of your case.

Even if the accident may seem as though it was totally your fault, there may have been circumstances on the decks that places your employer at liability.

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Many of our settlements and jury awards have been in excess of $1 million. By working with a network of legal and medical professionals in the plaintiff’s port city, we are able to remain responsive and ready to react quickly to court decisions and processes.

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