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Severed Limb From A Shipboard Injury

The Law Offices of Cavin and Marks, Jr. & Associates, in Oakland, California, has earned a national reputation for providing effective, intelligent legal representation for injured seamen, fishermen and workers throughout the maritime industries.

We work with some of the leading admiralty law specialists and medical experts in port and river transport cities throughout the United States. Under the leadership of Lyle Cavin, our team combines more than a century of admiralty law experience to help plaintiffs seek the full and fair money damages they are entitled to for losing a limb in an accident at sea or on the docks. Our firm is responsible for obtaining several of the most significant Jones Act injury claims in the nation.

Dangerous Working Conditions

Sailing aboard a vessel on rough seas results in some of the most slippery, dangerous working conditions in the world. In a split second, a sudden heave or a slip and fall could result in a snapped line or winch injury that can crush a limb and require amputation.

Even if you think you did something wrong, talk to our firm about the circumstances of your accident. Violations of admiralty law statutes places distinct liability on the part of the vessel owner, even in the event of comparative negligence on the part of the seaman.

We have experience representing injured seamen, fishermen and water workers in limb amputation and fracture injuries suffered in all types of maritime accidents, including:

  • Power tool injuries
  • Line injuries
  • Winch injuries
  • Falling equipment
  • Hatch and gangway injuries
  • Cargo and stores transport injuries

We Offer Free Consultations

If you or a loved one suffered a severed limb from a shipboard injury or lost a limb because of an accident onboard a commercial vessel in U.S. waters, contact us to arrange a free case evaluation. Call us at 510-291-4743 or 888-340-7991. From our offices in Oakland, California, we represent maritime workers injured in port and waterway cities throughout the United States and territories.