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We Help Maritime Injury Victims Regain Control Of Their Lives

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Cavin and Marks, Jr. & Associates, recognize your service as a merchant mariner, a fisherman or a longshoreman, and we are dedicated to ensuring the security of your future when an unforeseen event occurs.

You don’t want just any personal injury lawyer handling your case. You need an experienced maritime lawyer who understands the Jones Act and admiralty law.

With our attorneys’ combined experience of over 150 years in representing water-based workers, you can be sure our law office will represent your interests with unwavering dedication, efficiency and skill.

Do Maritime Cases Go To Trial?

A very low percentage of Jones Act claims ever go to trial. Most are settled in mediation. Our lawyers have experience in mediation cases nationwide and are familiar with the mediators and professionals on the other side of the table. That makes a significant difference when it comes to reaching a fair resolution.

We Represent Clients Nationwide

From our offices in Oakland, California, our team of maritime law attorneys represents seamen, fishermen and longshoremen in coastal, Great Lakes and inland river cities throughout the United States. Anywhere seamen ply their trade, our firm is ready to help protect their rights.

Types Of Cases We Focus On

Talk to us first if you were injured or lost a loved one in an accident at sea, or working in the vessel-transport industry, including:

  • Injuries aboard a ferryboat
  • Injuries aboard a container ship or tanker
  • Injuries aboard a barge or tugboat
  • Injuries aboard a fishing vessel
  • Harassment aboard a commercial vessel

We represent clients who are covered by the Longshore & Harbors Workers’ Compensation Act:

  • Claims for temporary total disability
  • Claims for permanent partial disability
  • Claims for permanent total disability
  • Obtaining necessary and proper medical care for those injuries

We also represent clients in all shipboard related injuries:

We hold owners accountable for failure to provide medical care and failure to provide maintenance and cure.

Contact Us For A Free Consultation

Law Offices of Cavin and Marks and his associates have successfully litigated numerous multimillion-dollar verdicts and obtained settlements in both federal and state courts.

Over the course of his career, Law Offices of Cavin and Marks has represented clients with suits in numerous West Coast courts as well as almost every major port city in the United States. The Law Offices of Cavin and Marks, Jr. & Associates, has developed a trusted network of talented maritime counsel throughout every major shipping port in the United States.

Our Oakland maritime injury attorneys represent seamen and their families in cities throughout the United States. Contact us through our website, or call us at 510-291-4743 or 888-340-7991 to arrange a free case evaluation.