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8 critical tips for cruise ship safety

A cruise is supposed to provide relaxation and an escape from the pressures of the everyday world. It is a break from the routine. Perhaps it is a reward to yourself after years of hard world. Maybe it is an annual vacation that you splurge on with your tax returns.

No matter what, you expect that perfect vacation atmosphere. You expect to be safe, happy and healthy for your week at sea. You just want to enjoy the trip and make some memories that you will carry for the rest of your life.

The reality

Unfortunately, cruise ships do not always live up to these expectations. Illness and disease break out onboard. Passengers get hurt in numerous ways, from slipping and falling on the stairs to diving into the pool. People fall overboard and get lost at sea. In the most dire situations, cruise ships capsize or run aground.

The risks are real. What is your plan to stay safe? If you do not have one, here are a few safety tips that can help:

  1. Actually listen when the crew gives out safety instructions. Many people spend this time checking their phones or daydreaming about the upcoming trip. Even though you may never need to know the evacuation plan, pay attention so that you feel ready in an emergency.
  2. Consider unsafe weather conditions and other travel warnings before boarding the ship. Do not take a risk you don’t have to take.
  3. Stay calm. If anything happens, remaining calm and collected always helps. Injuries happen in a panic, often unnecessarily.
  4. Talk to your own doctor before you go. What extra steps would he or she recommend based on your own personal health conditions? Everyone’s situation is unique.
  5. Check up on the ship’s doctor, as well. Remember that you won’t have any other options if you get injured at sea. Make sure the ship has an excellent physician.
  6. Before going ashore, get advice from the crew about places to avoid. The crew knows these towns and islands as well as anyone, and they can help you avoid potentially dangerous situations.
  7. Do your own research regarding weather conditions and potential hazards. Getting information from someone else may seem helpful, but you do not want to put all of your trust in them concerning your health.
  8. Pay attention to your own body and any physical limitations you have. Cruise ships offer different types of entertainment. Pick activities and excursions that are right for you.

A cruise can be the trip of a lifetime. Just make sure it’s not something you remember for all of the wrong reasons.

Injury options

Of course, even following these tips does not mean you can always avoid injury, especially if the cruise line and the ship’s crew is negligent. Make sure you understand your options after an injury.