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Cruises are not always the perfect vacation

When you book a cruise in California or anywhere along the West Coast, you are probably anticipating nothing but sunshine, relaxation, exploration and great food. One of the last things you would expect to encounter is unruly guests ruining the trip for everyone else on the ship. Unfortunately, at the Law Offices of Law Offices of Cavin and Marks, Jr. & Associates, we know that this scenario occurs occasionally.

You may have heard about the recent cruise in which a group of troublemaking family members turned a Carnival cruise in the South Pacific into a nightmare vacation for numerous passengers. According to CNN, witnesses claimed the offending guests roamed the ship “looking for trouble” from the moment they boarded, causing several arguments and scuffles before culminating in a violent physical showdown, during which security members were shown on cellphone video kicking and striking people involved in the fight in their attempts to break up the brawl. Guests also complained that some members of the security team seemed more interested in taking phones away from people filming the fight than in protecting passengers.

Spokespeople from Carnival apologized and said that security violated the policies and values of the cruise line, offering 25 percent discounts on future tickets instead of the refunds many passengers requested. Several passengers were injured during the fights, and 23 members of the unruly family were kicked off the ship. As you might imagine, many passengers may have had their vacation ruined by a few people who found it more exciting to cause trouble than to relax.

Accidents and malfunctions may cause injuries on cruise ships, but you might also be injured by members of staff or other guests, as our page on passenger vessels explains.