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Benzene: The Silent Killer PDF

Merchant seamen can be regularly exposed to hazardous fumes and vapors aboard ship. Aromatic hydrocarbons can cause a number of physical disorders and with enough exposure can kill. Perhaps the best known of these hydrocarbons is benzene. It is particularly prevalent in petroleum tankers carrying crude oil and other similar products. The cargo tanks carrying these products often vent on deck and it is difficult to avoid breathing them. Exposure can cause abnormal blood cell production and result in such disease as leukemia or myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). Seamen working on such tankers are often required to be tested for these problems and receive a “benzene card” indicating that they have been tested and cleared. Beware of these exposures and get regular check ups if you work aboard petroleum tankers!

Question From The Bridge

I have worked as a licensed engineer on dry cargo ships for over 22 years. Used lots of solvents and degreasers during that time. Any chance of acquiring a blood disorder from this work?
Richard D. NY.

Unfortunately, hydrocarbon products, such as benzene, can attack the human system by both inhalation and dermal (skin) contact. If you have to use these solvents and degreasers be sure to always use gloves, skin and respiratory protection!

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