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October 2016

Beware Of Vibratory Tools


Routine maintenance such as chipping paint, rust and scale from decks, bulwarks and rails by using vibratory tools such as chippers and needle guns can cause serious injuries. Often these jobs are unavoidable and so routine that many people do not realize the danger they pose. The manufacturers of these tools have very strict safety guidelines on how to properly use them to reduce the risk of injury. We have found that most shipowners are not aware of these guidelines or they simply choose not to follow them. As a result, many of our clients now suffer from severe nerve and vascular damage caused by overuse of these tools. If you have numbness, tingling or pain in your hands, wrists or arms, please seek immediate medical attention. There are steps you can take to prevent or minimize the damage. If untreated, surgery is usually the only option, and often not successful where long term exposure has occurred.

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Question From The Bridge

Paul, This trip I’ve been asked to do a lot of chipping, especially during overtime. My hands and fingers have started tingling and going numb. I told the chief mate but he didn’t seem too concerned about it. Should I report this as an injury? I don’t want to lose my job. Thanks, Paul N. Charlotte, NC .

Stop using any tool if you are experiencing numbness or tingling! There are often very strict guidelines established by the manufacturers that limit the time you should be using them, when to take breaks, and to wear specific safety gloves. Ask to see the owner’s manual and safety manual that came with the vibratory tool and follow the guidelines in it. Overuse of these tools can result in permanent injuries and prevent you from returning to sea.

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