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August 2013

Can You Sue When You Want?


When an injury arises under the Jones Act there are very few impediments to filing a lawsuit. There are certain claims requirements, and sometimes only a two year Statute of Limitations, when the government is a vessel owner or charterer but, generally speaking, a suit for damages for injury can be brought anytime within three years of the event. However, when the matter is a non-injury issue you may be required to follow union grievance procedures before the court will permit a lawsuit to be filed. This is the result of such issues being governed by a collective bargaining agreement. Generally, a grievance must be first undertaken and other administrative steps must be perfected to preserve your claim. You must consult with your union representative to determine those matters governed by such proceedings. Next month, more about the USA as a defendant.

Question From The Bridge

I was terminated from my job aboard ship for an argument with my supervisor. Can I file a suit for the loss of my expected wages?
Timothy, Baton Rouge.

If you are a union member and there is a collective bargaining agreement in effect it is most likely that you have to “grieve” the issue first. Your union contract will spell out the terms and conditions to “exhaust your administrative remedy” before you can proceed in court with a claim. It is important when such an issue arises that you promptly notify your union and ask for their intervention in the matter to best protect your rights.

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