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Ergonomic injury risks for commercial fishermen

As a California resident who makes your living working on a commercial fishing vessel, you probably understand all too well just how dangerous your job is. While spending the day on unpredictable coastal waters presents numerous dangers, many of the injuries faced by commercial fisherman develop over time, much in the same way they do for professionals who spend long days working on computers or otherwise performing repetitive tasks. At the Law Offices of Law Offices of Cavin and Marks Jr. & Associates, we have seen just how common ergonomic injuries are among those who make their living at sea, and we have helped many people suffering from these and other work-related injuries pursue solutions that meet their needs.

Per the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, the repetitive actions associated with fishing, hauling in catches and performing related tasks can place a serious strain on your neck, back, shoulders and other body parts. While maintaining proper workplace ergonomics can help mitigate your risk of suffering repetitive strain injuries, back stresses and similar problems, the nature of your job as a commercial fishing professional exposes you, nonetheless, to these types of injuries.

Because of your profession, you face a heightened risk, when compared with other professionals, of injuring your back or spine. In addition to having to often work in snug environments and close quarters, you may, too, spend longer-than-typical hours standing or hunching over, which can cause serious injuries to develop over time.

As a commercial fisherman, you also run the risk of developing an ergonomic injury to your shoulders or elbows. “Tennis elbow,” for example, is a well-known term for an ergonomic injury common among those in your profession. You can find out more about maritime and fishing vessel injuries by visiting our webpage.