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Maritime workers can seek special benefits after injury

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2018 | Maritime Law

As a seaman, you may be entitled to maintenance, cure if you are hurt on the job. People who work at sea or within the maritime industry and suffer injuries on the job have additional benefits. These include the entitlement to pay for medical treatment. You also have a right to negligence and unseaworthiness claims, in some cases. 

What is maintenance and cure?

The owner of a vessel is held responsible for paying cure and maintenance when a person falls ill or is injured while in the service of the ship. The obligation remains in place regardless of the cause or reason for the injuries. The unseaworthiness of a vessel also does not play a role in awarding these benefits.

Maintenance refers to the daily payment that is available to compensate a seaman for their room and board. Payments for this room and board begin the day the seaman leaves the vessel, not on the date of injury. Maintenance continues until the seaman reaches the maximum level of cure possible through medical treatment. Maintenance is generally $15 to $35 per day on average.

Cure is the right to medical treatment. The right to cure begins at the point of injury and continues until the seaman can return to work or until the person is at the maximum point of medical stability. Payments stop at that point, whether or not the individual is disabled as a result of the injuries.

What is included in unearned wages?

With maritime injuries, it’s important to know all that you can receive through the above benefits. Seamen have difficult jobs, and there are special benefits available to them as a result of the work you do. If you are hurt on the job, you may be entitled to the above as well as potentially being able to sue for further damages and compensation. A maritime attorney can help you prepare your case.