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How do you properly secure cargo?

When you work on a container ship in California, one important aspect of your job is ensuring all of the cargo is properly secured. Improperly secured cargo can be a hazard to both the crewmembers and the ship, and it is necessary to understand the safety measures people need to use.

The movement of the sea can easily cause cargo to shift if it is not properly secured. There are many things crewmembers can do to ensure cargo is properly secured. According to Marine Insight, it is important for people to make sure they use the right practices when they need to use a sling to move and secure loads. Crewmembers should typically make sure the sling is connected to the lifting appliance so it does not slip. People also need to ensure the load is secure in the sling and will not move once it is in the air.

When crewmembers secure cargo, it is also important to make sure the lashings are taut and secured to an appropriate lashing point. Most of the time, loads should not be able to move if the ship shifts 30 degrees for about 13 seconds. It is a good idea to check these lashings so they can be tightened if they become loose.

There are several reasons people may not give cargo storage the attention it needs. Sometimes a ship may not be in a port for very long and the crew may need to do paperwork before setting out again. When this is the case, crewmembers may not always have the time they need to ensure everything is stored properly. In some situations, crewmembers may not always understand all of the regulations about cargo storage, or they may use the proper techniques but fail to apply them properly.

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