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What are some ways cruise ship employees can get injured?

Previously, we discussed injuries that cruise ship passengers may suffer during their voyage. This does not mean that crew members are impervious to injuries. In fact, cruise line employees in California and elsewhere are vulnerable to the same mishaps that passengers are subjected to. As you may be aware, you and your fellow crew members may also be in accidents that are not as common among passengers, due to your line of work.

You may remember a shocking 2015 tragedy that occurred aboard a cruise ship off the Florida coast. CNN reported that an electrician had been working inside an elevator shaft during the voyage and was crushed when the elevator car he was standing on began moving. Traumatized passengers witnessed blood pouring down the outside of the elevator doors following the accident. The worker did not survive the incident.

It may be rare for passengers to witness such a frightening disaster, but serious accidents on ships are unfortunately not uncommon. You and your crewmates may experience the following situations that can result in an injury or illness:

  • Slipping on a wet deck during a storm
  • Being injured by equipment while performing ship maintenance and repairs
  • Being assaulted by unruly or intoxicated guests
  • Falling or being struck by objects in rough waters
  • Getting sick from food poisoning or a virus that is going around the ship
  • Being electrocuted or burned in a fire

Seeking compensation for your injuries through maritime law may be complicated. Therefore, the information presented in this blog should not replace the advice of a lawyer.