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Back Injuries While Moving Vessel Stores

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Back injuries from lifting, line, and slip-and-fall accidents while moving vessel stores and equipment on deck are among the most common types of injuries suffered by seamen in the course of their jobs at sea, on inland waterways or on the docks. A heaving, yawing deck makes for very poor footing when lifting or moving cargo and vessel owners often don't take the time or expense to train their employees in the proper use of leverage and lifting techniques.

If you suffered a serious back injury while working onboard a commercial vessel or as a longshoreman loading cargo and stores from the docks, turn to Lyle C. Cavin, Jr. & Associates in Oakland, California, for the experienced legal help you need to file an injury lawsuit under provisions of U.S. maritime law. Our attorneys work as a team, combining more than 150 years of maritime law experience to be one of the most formidable law firms protecting seamen's and maritime workers' rights in the nation. Led by preeminent* maritime law attorney Lyle Cavin, Jr., our team won numerous settlements and jury awards of multi-millions of dollars.

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Moving heavy equipment containers of stores on a moving deck places the seaman, barge crew or fisherman in a dangerous position. Lifting and using tools becomes more dangerous with each pitch of the deck. Lines are stretched too tight and snap. Improperly secured winches can swing around in fraction of a second, leaving no time to protect yourself from serious injury. Many injured seamen assume they were partially to blame for their accident. Don't. Even if you think you did something wrong, talk to our firm. If your vessel owner violated legal statutes regarding safety precautions, the courts will assign liability for compensating you for medical care, maintenance and cure, loss of earnings and pain and suffering.

We have experience representing seamen who have suffered back injuries while working in a maritime profession, including accidents such as:

If you or a loved one suffered a back injury while moving vessel stores, or in any other type of shipboard accident, contact us to arrange a free case evaluation with an experienced admiralty accident lawyer. From our offices in Oakland, California, we represent maritime workers injured in port and waterway cities throughout the United States and territories.

* Lyle C. Cavin, Jr. & Associates is listed in Martindale-Hubbell's Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers 2010 for Admiralty/Maritime Attorneys.

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