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Passengers Injured Aboard a Cruise Ship or Passenger Vessel

Were You Injured Onboard a Cruise Ship?

Cruise ships and commercial tour boats make hundreds of trips each year out of San Francisco Bay. The vessels are highly regulated and safety for the paying public and the professional crew members are supposed to be the primary concern of the captain and crew at all times.

If you were injured on a cruise ship or tour boat while riding as a passenger, you need to know that maritime injury law is not the same as land-based personal injury law. Vessel owners are under special federal admiralty regulations and the process for filing a lawsuit includes very specific timelines and requirements for evidence. Not all personal injury litigation firms have the capacity or experience to represent injury victims in claims related to maritime injuries.

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Since 1970, the Law Offices of Lyle C. Cavin Jr. & Associates has been helping victims of cruise line and tour boat owner negligence. Injury claims involving cruise and pleasure boats are complex. We have earned a national reputation as one of the nation's pre-eminent legal names in maritime law. No matter where you were injured on a cruise ship or tour boat in U.S. coastal waters or inland waterways, we are ready to help.

Injured while working aboard a cruise ship or commercial pleasure boat?

We also represent crew members who have suffered an injury while working on board a cruise ship, tour boat or other type of commercial pleasure vessel. As a professional seaman, you may be entitled to seek compensation for medical care and cure and maintenance from your vessel owner, under U.S. admiralty law.

Talk to one of our cruise line injury accident attorneys at our offices in Oakland, California, today. We offer a free consultation and represent injured tug boat workers in Jones Act claims on a contingency fee basis. You pay lawyers' fees as a percentage of the settlement or jury award. Contact us today.

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