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Lifting and Line Injuries Aboard a Vessel

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Two of the most common causes of injuries to crew members onboard a cargo vessel or fishing boat include lifting injuries from moving cargo and vessel stores and line injuries from handling rigging lines and lifting heavy equipment and cargo onboard.

Line Injuries

Depending upon the type of vessel you work on, you are likely to encounter dozens of tow and cargo lines in the course of your workday. Lines are heavy, awkward and can fail. During heavy weather or during certain operations at sea, mooring or equipment lines can snap and whip uncontrollably and cause serious injuries. Accidents involving water-soaked cargo straps chains and lines are among the leading causes of injuries onboard sea-going vessels.

Lifting Injuries

Whether you work aboard a cargo vessel or a fishing boat, heavy lifting is part of your workday. Unlike a factory worker, though, you will generally be lifting equipment and cargo while the floor beneath you is slippery and moving. The space may be cramped as well, making proper lifting techniques impossible. In most cases, ship crew supervisors provide little training on proper ship-board lifting techniques. Back, limb and joint injuries are common among seamen working on large cargo ships, barges and fishing vessels.

If you suffered a lifting or line injury while working aboard a vessel or on the docks working with mooring line or cargo, you are entitled to seek compensation for your injuries and financial losses by filing a Jones Act claim for medical treatment, maintenance and cure and all other losses attributable to your accident.

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